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Main » 2014 » June » 23 » Pork fried with mushrooms - recipe
Pork fried with mushrooms - recipe

Pork fried with mushrooms - recipe

Ingredients: Pork 118, dried mushrooms muer 2, bamboo shoots 10 dried egg (protein) l / 4 pcs., Starch 20, lard 30, 5 soy sauce, rice wine 10, 13 green onions, garlic 13, concentrate 5. Portion weight 200 g
Flesh back leg or loin trimmed and cut into slices. Prepared bamboo shoots and mushrooms muer drained of water and cut into slices, cloves peeled garlic chopped in length. Processed green onions cut into slices 2 cm long

In order to moisten the mixture of porcine protein with starch, diluted with cold water (1: 1), and fried fried until until a light brown crust. On strongly heated pan with a little fat muer put mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and, shaking the pan, deep fried them. Thereafter, the pan is placed and pork prepared beforehand was poured into a separate pan mixture of seasoned broth (20 g), rice wine, concentrate, soy sauce, extracts of ginger, salt, onion, garlic and starch, diluted with cold water (1:2 ). Deep fried foods, shaking the pan, not more than half a minute and pour in the melted lard.

Appearance - slide pieces of colored products in the sauce light brown.

Taste - fried pork with garlic and soy sauce flavor.

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