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Main » 2014 » February » 16 » Tenderloin, fried omelette - recipe
Tenderloin, fried omelette - recipe

Ingredients: Cut 118 pieces 1 egg . Flowers Huanghua 15 dried mushrooms muer 3 , lard 30 , soy sauce 5 , 10 rice wine , concentrate 5 green onions 13. Portion weight 200 g
Tenderloin trimmed from the film and cut into strips . When ordering tenderloin fried in deep fat heated slightly and throws . On the same pan , leaving a little fat on it , put a pre-soaked and wrung from water Huanghua flowers , mushrooms and green onions muer sliced ​​pieces of 2 cm long , untucked pour chicken broth (20 g ) was added rice vodka , soy sauce, concentrate . The repeated shaking pan deep fried foods , and then put the cooked omelette and cutting without stopping shaking , pour melted lard.

Omelette prepared as follows: on strongly heated pan with a little fat poured beaten eggs and repeatedly shaking the pan deep fried them, in the process of roasting in the omelet first untucked pour chicken broth (20 g) , and then the melted lard.

Appearance - slide from the crushed products , mixed with scrambled eggs .

Taste - grilled meat and eggs with soy sauce flavor .
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