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Broth fillet frogs - recipe



Ingredients: Dried Frog (Hashim) 15, peas 35, Pu - 10 rice vodka, ginger 10 Concentrate 5, sesame oil 5, soy sauce 5 , 1 alum.


Dried frogs soaked in warm water. When it becomes soft, fillets are removed, washed and placed in cold water. After 10-12 hours fillet recline, purified from films and dark spots, again with cold water and put in cold storage. Hashima fillet weight after soaking increased fivefold .


When ordering filet frogs carefully drained of water and along with green peas scalded with boiling water, then recline, put in a bowl and pour the broth ready, which had previously been boiled, remove foam and pouring in sesame oil.


Appearance - clear broth pale yellow Glitter fat with boiled colored products.


Taste - good chicken broth flavor of sesame oil.

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