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Some recipes of traditional Chinese kitchen.
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Broth with dumplings - recipe


Ingredients: Wheat flour a 30% 20 , 5 water, egg 1 /2 PC. , 10 starches, chicken or pork 187 59 10 concentrate, sesame oil 10 , 13 green onions, soy sauce 5 , 10 rice wine, salt 1. Weight 100 g dumplings


Poured on the table sifted flour, make it a funnel recess, pour the egg yolks, cold water, and knead the dough is not very. The dough is rolled into a small reservoir, this layer, rolled with a rolling pin, rolled several times, and then take out the rolling pin. Using the same test on a rolling pin made ​​trailing cage, whereupon this layer is stretched dough rolling operation is repeated until such time as the dough will have a thickness of 0.5 mm.


When rolling out a special use (long) with a rolling pin and dry starch, wrapped in gauze, which is sprinkled with the dough, making light strikes on its surface.


Prepared dough is folded in the form of harmony and cut into small squares (5X5 cm), and then each square put cooked stuffing and dough lightly pressed.


To prepare the stuffing raw chicken fillets or pulp raw pork trimmed of fat, cut into pieces and passed them through a meat grinder with a fine grid. In minced meat poured sesame oil, add concentrate, salt, fine-cut fresh ginger, green onions and mix well.


When ordering dumplings boiled in boiling water until tender, then throws them, put in a bowl or deep dish and pour the chicken broth, seasoned with soy sauce, rice vodka, concentrate, extract of ginger and salt, then pour in the sesame oil.


Appearance - white dough pieces of various shapes in a transparent pale yellow broth.


Taste - good chicken broth and meat dumplings with sesame oil flavor.

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