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Some recipes of traditional Chinese kitchen.
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Fried noodles - recipe


Ingredients: Wheat flour 30 % probability 100, Egg 1 PC. , 20 water, dried sea cucumbers 10 , 15 dried bamboo shoots, ham 46, 10 sesame oil, lard 30 , 5 soy sauce, rice wine 10 5 concentrate, salt 5. Portion weight 200 g


Knead the dough with the egg in the water as usual for Russian noodles, and then rolled out into a thin layer, roll it in the form of harmony and cut larger conventional straw. Prepared noodles are placed in boiling water, boil and throws, then shift to the pan, pour sesame oil and mixed by shaking, and then fry in deep fat and throws. In order to remove excess fat, fried noodles, it is immersed in boiling water for a few minutes, and then throws the noodles.


When ordering on the heated pan with a small amount of fat put shredded bamboo shoots prepared, sea cucumbers, ham and repeatedly shaking pan, deep fried these products, and then put the noodles, add concentrate, soy sauce, rice vodka and covered with a lid, put on a weak fire. When the liquid evaporates, noodles, put on a dinner plate and released.


Appearance - slide of products in different colors, sliced ​​into strips.


Taste - fried noodles and ham flavor with sesame oil.

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