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Some recipes of traditional Chinese kitchen.
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Fried Pies - recipe



Ingredients for the dough: Wheat flour 30 % probability 50 40 lard, sesame oil 10 Water 10 Yeast 10. Weight test '60 For the stuffing: 1st variant of red pea starch 20, sugar 30, lard 10. Weight 80 g minced; 2nd version - powdered sugar 50, 20 lard, flour 10. Weight 80 g minced; third option - peas or beans 20 , 30 sugars, lard 10. Weight mince '80


Sifted flour, two-thirds of flour (of the total) is kneaded in the melted lard dough and cut up on his balls in the '20 in the remaining flour and sesame oil poured flour brewed with boiling water, then knead the dough and cut up his weight on the balls of 10 off


Then the table lightly smeared with sesame oil and pieces of dough 10 g pressed his hand to the table.


These cakes, put the balls of dough and 20 g zaschipyvayut bottom edge tortillas so that the balls were inside.


After this double piece of dough pressed his hand to the table, rolled in the form of narrow strips and roll tunes. Roll out the dough and rolls the tube twice, after which the tube was cut in half (crosswise), each half pressed his hand to the table and roll them into small round cakes. One of cakes, put stuffing and stuffing and cover the other two edges (top and bottom) pressed down and figured nipped.


Stuffing is prepared as follows:


First embodiment. In red pea starch added sugar, poured water (50 g) and boiled until thick. When ready, the melted fat was added, stirred well and cooled.


Second Embodiment. Peas or beans are sorted out, washed and boiled until soft and then passed through a wringer, was added sugar and continue to boil until thickened, then pour the melted fat, mixed thoroughly and cooled.


Third Embodiment. In powdered sugar poured, consider tallow, add the flour and knead the dough until smooth.


When ordering prepared patties fried in deep fat, throws, cut into four pieces and stacked in a pyramid on a plate.


Appearance - slices of pies with filling.


Taste - puff pastry with sweet filling.

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