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Some recipes of traditional Chinese kitchen.
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Just some atricles about chinese cooking traditions
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Meatball soup with fish - the recipe



Ingredients: Fish 160, egg l / 2 PCs. , Soy sauce 5, sesame oil 10 Concentrate 5 , 10 rice wine, ginger 10 , 5 salt, alum 1.


Perch fillet (boneless and skin) cuts to miss two - three times through a meat grinder with a fine grid, then add egg whites, rice vodka, sesame oil, concentrate, salt and stir well.


When ordering from this mass is cut meatballs (in the form of small balls), dipped them in boiling broth and ready to cook until done, then remove foam, pour sesame oil and pour in the soup bowl or a bowl or deep plate.


Appearance - clear broth pale yellow Glitter fat and meatballs.


Taste - good chicken broth flavor of sesame oil.

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