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Puff cakes with sesame seeds - recipe



Ingredients: For the dough: Wheat flour 30 % probability 65, water 20, lard 20 , 10 sugars, sesame seeds 25. For the stuffing: 1st option - internal lard 30 , 12 green onions, 2nd option - powdered sugar 25 , 10 lard, flour 5, third option - red starch 20, sugar 30, fat 10 , 4 - First option - jam, jam 40. Weight 120 g cake


From half (of the total) sifted flour kneaded with the melted fat dough, and of the remaining flour kneaded water less dough. The prepared dough is rolled out to form two squares, where in a square of dough substituted by water, must be large. This large square test laid smaller square and roll their envelope (for puffs), and then the dough is rolled out flat seam and again put in an envelope and roll.


The resulting seam roll, rolls, it is rolled into a flat harness and cut into slices (50 g). Each piece of dough is made into cakes, put the stuffing into the middle and connect the edges, and then rolled into a lozenge.


Stuffing is prepared as follows.


First embodiment. Internal lard prepared and green onions, cut into small pieces, sprinkle with salt and mix thoroughly.


Second Embodiment. In powdered sugar poured, consider lard, add the flour and mix thoroughly to form a homogeneous mass.


Third Embodiment. Ground red pea starch is prepared in the same manner as a donut.


Prepared tortillas with one hand moistened sugar syrup and the same side, immersed in sesame seeds, then put tortillas on a dry sheet and bake in the Ovens.


Appearance - baked cakes sprinkled with sesame seed.


Taste - sweet baked cakes with sesame flavor.

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