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Some recipes of traditional Chinese kitchen.
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Just some atricles about chinese cooking traditions
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Tortillas stuffed - recipe



Ingredients: Wheat flour 30 % probability 65, water 40, 118 pork, green onion 12, ginger 10 , 30 cabbages, soy sauce 5, sesame oil 30 , 10 soybean paste, concentrate 5. Weight 250 g cake


Sifted flour and knead on the cold water is not very stiff dough, then spiked again in the flour and stir over dough.


Ramps prepared dough into a flat - vayut harness and cut into pieces weighing 50 g each piece of dough is rolled into a lozenge, put on her stuffing the same as for the boiled dumplings, and nipped edges, cupping pitcher.


After this cake pressed his palm to the table, giving it a round shape, roll the rolling pin. Fry tortillas on both sides of intensely heated pan, greased with sesame oil.


When ordering cakes smeared with sesame on top mass scrap, cut into pieces and put on a slide plate. Soy sauce, vinegar, mustard, garlic, separated into cloves, but not peeled, served separately.


Appearance - slide pieces of fried dough golden brown.


Taste - fried meat pies, with the aroma of sesame oil.

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