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Main » 2014 » June » 20 » Pork. fried kidney and liver - the recipe
Pork. fried kidney and liver - the recipe

Pork. fried kidney and liver - the recipe

Ingredients: Pork fat 87, 125 kidney, pork liver 75, 13 green onions, garlic 13, starch 30, lard 30, 5 soy sauce, rice wine 10 5 vinegar concentrate 5. Portion weight 200 g
Stripped flesh back leg or loin, cut into slices and shaking in the fire pan, fry the meat in a small amount of fat.

Kidney flattens and trimmed of fat and films, then each half of the kidney with its inner side make longitudinal and transverse incisions in the form of oblique cells, then cut into slices and scalded with boiling water. Liver trimmed from the film, cut into thin slices and the mixture is moistened with a starch-protein diluted in cold water (1: 1).

Processed green onions cut into slices 2 cm long, peeled cloves of garlic chopped in length.

When your order is strongly heated pan with lots of fat (fried) at the same time put the kidneys and liver, and immediately poured fat, leaving only a small number of pan. At the same pan-fried pork placed, poured prepared in a separate pot from the mixture untucked chicken broth (20 g), soy sauce, rice wine, starch, diluted with cold water (1: 2), green onion, garlic, vinegar concentrate deep fried Products and stirred by shaking pan. After that, pour in the melted lard.

Appearance - slices of roast pork, sliced ​​figured kidney and liver, sprinkle with green onions and garlic, lightly moistened with sauce light brown.

Taste - roasted pork, kidney and liver with garlic and spice aroma.

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