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Some recipes of traditional Chinese kitchen.
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Noodles with sauce Dal - recipe


Ingredients: For the dough: Wheat flour 30 % probability 125, water 55. Weight 300 g noodles Sauce: Dried sea cucumbers 10 , 4 dried clams, shrimp, dried 7 , 133 chicken, lard 30 , 10 starch, rice wine 10, sesame oil 5, soy sauce 5, concentrate 5 egg 1 PC. , 10 sugars, garlic 25. Weight 200 g sauce


The dough is kneaded in the water as well as for boiled dumplings, it is maintained for 20-30 minutes, and then the noodles prepared. For this test, elongated strip, take both ends with both hands and make jerky movements up and down, while alternately tightening the dough then left, then right. Consequently, the dough is first stretched in a long strip, when screwing again thickens. Twist and pull the dough up until it is ready. Readiness is determined by the elasticity and the ability to test not tear when pulling and twisting. The finished dough lightly floured same movements up and down to pull his finest yarns.


When ordering noodles without cutting, put in boiling water and cook until done.


Cooked noodles, throw into cold water, washed again and shift throws in a bowl or deep plate.


Served separately divided into slices, but not peeled garlic sauce and Daniel, which is prepared in the time cooked noodles.


For the sauce, pour into the pan seasoned chicken broth (100 g), sesame oil, rice vodka, soy sauce, ginger infusion, put the concentrate, salt, clams, sea cucumbers, shrimp, cooked chicken flesh (chicken and pre-cut slices of sea cucumbers) and adjusted to boil, whereupon the foam is removed and by rotating the pan left to right, trickle poured starch dissolved in cold water (1: 2), and then beaten egg.


Sauce again brought to reflux and then poured melted chicken fat.


Appearance - boiled noodles with very thin, long filaments.


Taste - boiled noodles and chicken broth with strong aroma of spices.

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