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Some recipes of traditional Chinese kitchen.
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Rice pudding - recipe


Ingredients: Chinese glutinous rice 40, 25 walnuts, almonds 18 dried lotus seeds 7, raisins 5 , 20 apples, oranges 20, sugar 30, starch 10 , 1 fruit essences. Portion weight 150 g


Walnut kernels, almonds, lotus, raisins, fresh oranges and apples cut in pieces and some of them figured laid on the bottom of the special form. Of fruit put boiled, seasoned with sugar, glutinous rice, then shape the products put on the screen and hold for a couple to feed.


To prepare the sauce in the pan, pour water (50 g), add sugar and bring to a boil, then shaking the pan, pour a trickle of starch, diluted with cold water (1: 2), and fruit essences, put the remaining fruit and boil until thick.


When ordering rice from the mold shift on a dish and pour sauce.


Appearance - boiled rice garnished fruit sauce drizzled with a light brown color.


Taste - sweet rice and sauce with fresh fruit flavor fruit essences.

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