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Watermelon jelly - a recipe


Ingredients: Watermelon 400 , 50 sugars, gelatin, 4 , 1 banana essence. Portion weight 150 g


Gelatin is washed in a pot with cold boiled water and throws in a colander or a fine sieve.


When the water has drained, again blaming gelatin in a bowl, pour cold boiled water, leave for 30-40 minutes to swell, and then the water is drained. When gelatin swelling increases in volume and weight of six - eight times. This should be considered when dosing water.


Of watermelon flesh squeeze the juice, put the sugar and heat to boiling, then add the soaked gelatin (about 40 g per 1 liter of liquid) and stir until it dissolves.


The hot mixture was filtered through a linen cloth or sieve, poured into molds and left for 1.5-2 hours in a cold room for hardening (room temperature should not be higher than 10 °).


When ordering jelly watered banana essence.


Appearance - clear jelly pale pink color.


Taste - sweet jelly with fruit flavor essences.

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